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Life Assurance Calculator                               

Our Life Assurance Calculator will help you establish the level of life assurance cover you need based on your individual circumstances. It will show you the two options available, which are to either effect a policy that would pay out a one off lump sum on your death or a policy that would provide your dependants with a monthly income for a given period of time.
The first thing to establish is for how long you would need your life assurance cover. This is usually calculated for the length of time that your family would be dependent on you income. Typically people choose to effect cover until their youngest children reach the age of 25, giving them chance to have completed university and become financially independent. The first part of the calculator simply works out the amount of money your dependants would require to clear all of your liabilities in the event of you dying. The second calculator works out your overall Life Assurance shortfall.

Hover your cursor over each item to get a more detailed description and some examples.

Lump Sum Shortfall Calculator Income Shortfall Calculator
Outstanding Mortgage Balance £ Nett Income Ceasing on Death £
Outstanding Loans £ Expenses Commencing on Death £
Credit Card Balances £ Expenses Ceasing on Death  
Other Liabilities £ Annualised Mortgage Payments £
    Life Assurance & Pension Payments £
Savings & Investments Total £ Liabilities Repaid on Death £
Current Life Assurance Cover £ Current Expenditure £
    Other £
LIFE COVER REQUIRED £ A Income Commencing on death  
    State Benefits £
     Income Benefit Policies £
    Employer Benefits (Widows Pension) £
    Pension Income (or Box B) £
    Other Income £
    Lump Sums payable on Death  
    Life Assurance Payments £
    Employer Benefits (Death in Service) £
    Pension Fund Value (Box B) £
    State Benefits £
    Surplus / Deficit Life Cover (from Box A) £

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